1. Login into your account and visit the home page.
  2. Select the vendor you want to buy from and select the respective food items you want to buy.
  3. Once selected, click on the cart icon on the bottom right corner to view your selected choices and the price of the pack. You can also delete an item on that screen if you change your mind
  4. Once you have verified the items and the price, click on "Add to cart" and proceed to your cart.
  5. On the cart screen, view your order summary and click place order. Make sure you have enough money in your wallet before placing the order
  6. Verify your name, phone number and location and then proceed to place the order
  1. In a Queue: This means that your order has been place but not yet accepted by the courier
  2. Processing: This means that your order has been accepted by the courier and is being purchased.
  3. On it's way: This means that your order has been paid for by the courier and the courier is on his way to your specified location
  4. Delivered: This means that you have given the courier your order pin and your food has been successfully delivered to you.
  5. Queried: This means that an item in your pack is not available and has been queried in order for you to review your choice and either remove the queried item and re-order or cancel the order.
Your order pin is an auto generated four digit number to verify you're the one who actually placed the order. The pin is required in order for you to get the food and for the food to be marked as delivered. The pin is auto generated only when the courier pays for your food and drink. To get your order pin, go to my orders and click on your order. In the options that is revealed, select delivery. Your pin is the four digit number under location.
  1. Go to my profile
  2. Select wallet from the menu
  3. Select top up on the virtual card, make sure to have set a bank acount first.
  4. Skip the next three steps if you have added a bank account already
  5. To set a bank account, select add account.
  6. Enter your account number and select your bank.
  7. Click verify once you're done and the account would be added if valid.
  8. After selecting topup, enter the amount and click proceed to enter your card details
  9. Enter the OTP sent to your associated phone number
  10. Once all details are verified, the specified amount will be successfully added to your wallet